Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Been busy today, decided to have another crack at the crafters companion cute companions cards, they are lovely but I find them quite time consuming as I'm a slow cutter outter, just need to find some odd sized envelopes now. Also is a Dalek card that I was asked to make for John's partner at work, he specifally asked for something with a Dalek on as Neil is Dr Who mad, I'm hoping he likes the one I've made, I put glossy accents on to juzz it up a bit, I made it into an easel card for a change, sorry the pics aren't very good but hey, I'm crap at taking photo's lol. Eeee if I didn't HAVE to go to work I could play all day, my dream would be to work in a crafty environment. I'm hoping to free up another day at work by adding my 3 1/2 stupid shift onto friday, It'll mean working all day friday, but an extra day off. I plan to try and volunteer somewhere to try and get my foot in the door as I really don't fancy doing the job I do for the next 19 years till I retire!


Darcy said...

love the play on words on the dalek card.

angie's blogspot said...

Thanks Darcy, the guy who asked me to make it loved it, his partner is Dalek mad, I thought the wording so appropriate x

Darcy said...

Ahh so glad he loved it...

The bag is easy to make, though I have made 4 of that style, so I guess the last one was easiest than the first.

It is a Moonshine pattern called The Bow Bag, and you should be able to get it thru a local quilting shop.x

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo