Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Off to Leigh

ooh I'm a bit excited, My new friend Julie is taking me to Leigh on sunday for the sincerely yours craft event, I've never been before and there are some of my faves demoing, Like Linsay Mason, Indigo Blue, Little claire, I hope I remember to get the things I go for and not stuff I don't really need lol. Will report back when I've been. The piccies above are a few things I've recntly made.
Oh did I mention I now have a craft room, yep a whole room to myself, well a box room, but it's still my room, lol, Eldest son has moved to Manchester, so I helped him pack, EVERYTHING!
bye for now x

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Happy new year bloggers, so sorry I've not been on here, life takes over sometimes huh! No point looking back over the last 6 months, onwards and upwards, but I will just say, mum is now in residential home, she loves it is settleing in and looks well, just waiting for social services to confirm that she can stay.
Well yesterday, what an amazing day it turned out to be, I was initially going on my own to the craft show at event city manchester, last minute change, I met a lovely lady from Burnley called Julie at victoria station, so we caught the bus together, she had arranged to meet a lovely lady from stockport called Joanne, and we then went to meet the adorable Kirsty Wiseman, together we had such a laugh, got on like a house on fire too, we all bought a 'cath Kidston' look a likey bag for a smidge of what she charges. We then went to the trafford centre for some tea, est est est, we had a lovely chatty waitress who took time out to talk to us and ask where we'd been. After tea we all parted company and Julie and I went to the bus stop to get the bus back to city centre, we waited nearly an hour as 2 buses didn't turn up! thus making it 10pm when I finally got home, I was frozen to the bone. I bought a few nice bits at the show, but managed to save a few quid for Harrogate in march, so all in all a fabulous day with fabulous people.

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo