Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Cards, At Last!

Here are the gorgeous cards I recieved from my friends over on craftelly, some beautiful cards wouldn't you agree


Ladies, most of you will know where I'm coming from here, when it is the time of the month, you know, about a week before, does your personality take a turn for the worse? I feel like I get possesed by a horrid demon, knots in my stomach, tight chest, could cry at the drop of a hat, or probably rip some one up from limb to limb, how awful is that! I'm going to tey and take some vits an evening primrose/starflower oil, because I lose a good 2 weeks of every month abd then spend the next 2 catching up, when the nice side comes back.
So, today I shall take the pics of my lovely cards from the birthday swap, and post them later, I promise!

Monday, 22 March 2010


Hi Bloggers (if there's anyone there lol), today is my 46th Birthday, don't ya just love birthdays, age is irrelevant to me, I just love the cards, the pressies, feeling special for a day!
I finally got a wii, I got a bit of bonus from work the other week, so with that and some birthday money I bought a wii, which came with the resort and sports plus 5 games, then I bought wii fit and balance board, also got tim holtz tsv from the other week, a gift card for debenhams, gonna buy some clarins foundation with it, flowers, chocs, a cup with a donkey, 2 scratch cards and yes they were winners, only £2 each mind but still winners, and some more cash, so all in all a very good birthday!
I'll take some pics when I get chance as we are going out for tea, I've had a lazy day crafting today, and have made a couple of cards and some atc's again I 'll take piccies later, off for tea now, laters x

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo