Wednesday, 4 August 2010

scarf, mum, and other titbits

Upside down blogging again, lol, I always forget which order to do things, never mind. I have since coloured my hair with an ash blonde after seeing a tad yellow on the piccy. Ilove the ash it's much softer, I also discovered I can wear eyeliner now in navy blue, again less harsh, and a smidge of gold eyeshadow. I took a tip from twiggy after noticing on a picture how blue her eyes looked by wearing those colours. Isn't the christmas card gorgeous, it has been made with the 12 days of christmas stamps by clarity, Lynne has done a fabulous job.

Sorry for being awol, last time I tried to blog, I lost it all and didn't get round to re doing it, so here's a mish mash of latest happenings. I went to Doncater with my friend and had a long but enjoyable day, I bumped into the lovely Kirsty wiseman who I make cards for as a design team member, but the last 2 lots I've made, I've forgot to photograph doh!, I just love a good craft fair so much so that I'm off to The CREATIVE STITCH AND CRAFTS SHOW in Manchester at the beginning of september, can't wait, for 2 reasons, I just love september, it's the onset of autumn, my favourite time of year and it's also the craft show! I've snook a piccy in of my mum with simba my dog. I also recieved a gorgeous card on a swap forum that I'm in, its a christmas card swap, isn't it gorgeous. There's also a piccy of me and Kirsty at Doncaster.

I've also started to knit a scarf, it's sooooooooooo easy it's untrue, all you do is weave 8 stitches onto a needle from the woven wool, then continue to knit 8 stitches, it forms ruffles in 3 varigrated colours, it's sooooooo additive and only cost a fiver for the yarn, might get another bundle at Scc.


Emilie said...

I love your card and those stamps are gorgeous!

angie's blogspot said...

Thanks Emilie, it's lovely isn't it

Darcy said...

fabbby pic of you and our Kusty.x

angie's blogspot said...

Fabby pic of Kusty I look weird lol, hate having me piccy took x

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo