Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Well, I had my day planned, potter about in the bedroom/craftroom tidy it up, tape qvc and do some crafting, I made a few bits then embarked on the task of going through all my stash, it's amazing what you find that you'd forgot what you had! I'd put baling spuds in oven so tea would be a quick affair.
I ordered the tsv that morning as hubby is buying it for my birthday and guess what, it's been shipped already! I wasn't planning to buy anything else, but the petaloo white flowers looked very alterable, but yep they sold out so I shall have to see them elsewhere, anyway 9pm I put my jammies on and went downstairs leavin crafts recording upstairs, the phone rang, it was my mum's neighbour, she said my mum had a stroke and my dad had an asmha atttack, I was in bits and my son was hearbroken, I rang the hospital but she hadn't arrived, so I got dressed and rang their flat, luckily my dad was ok, apparently mum had gone to bingo in the cimmunity room, and according to her neighbour her arm went funny, her eyes rolled in her head and she passed out, they insisted on ringing paramedics, in the meantime her neighbour went banging on the flat door, where my dad was sleeping in the chair, frightened the shit out of him, he got up trying to put his pants on, fell over and had an asmha attack, so the paramedics had to give him oxygen! I n the meantime mum was taken to hospital, I got there soon after and she was in A and E, she didn't look to good, the nurse said her bp was low and she had kept being sick, also she was freezing but her temp was high, they were sending her for a chest x ray and didn't think she'd had a stroke. Later they put her on an assessment ward, by now she was looking a lot better. She said she didn't have a stroke and that she'd put her arm to her head cos she was hot, and that she'd felt sick, all hell broke loose and the gaggle of women phone 999! The neighbour is a right trouble maker whom I don't like, she rules the sheltered accomodation and is a big stirrer. Although my parents share the flat, they live seperate lives, she has the bedroom as a bedsit and he has the lounge as a bedsit, but the neighbour is always interfering and barking up the wrong tree.
Anyway I left the hospital at around 1.30am, I rang early this morning abd the'yd put mum on a ward, she'd had a chest x ray, but was waiting for a scan because they think her gallbladder is inflamed, it's quite possible because she's been to docs a few times with back pain but they said it was arthritis! They are going to keep her in for a few days because she's a bit dehydrated and her bloods aren't quite right, fingers crossed she's better soon, so that was my eventful craftday, might get to watch the vids soon!

Sunday, 21 February 2010


I make a card, but then I let myself down because I'm rubbish at verses and not very computer literate, so it has to be something very easy for me to work, all I want is to be able to type a verse maybe a bit of illustration and then print it, wish I knew of a cd rom that could do this, any ideas welcome, ta.
Well I've done bugger all today, woke up at 7.45, watched a bit of c and c read sunday mag, made brekkie, then went back to bed till lunchtime, I was shattered! Just watch, I bet I can't get to sleep tonight now.
Also the much hyped tsv is midnight monday, by the god of ink that is T!m Holtz, I've wanted his book since I first saw it, and the extras that come with tsv look good, just hope I can order it before midnight as I did with the punches cos I'm rubbish at staying up late, then tuesday is all mine, yeah!

Tim holtz tsv details - Forum

Tim holtz tsv details - Forum

yowzers, can't wait for the new tsv by tim holtz, my lovely hubs is buying it me for my birthday

Saturday, 20 February 2010


There a great buzz on the craft forums at the moment as T!m Holtz has a tsv on monday night at midnight, rumours are that it is his new book and some other stuff to accompany it, I'm well excited as hubby is going to buy it for my birthday in March. I am not working tuesday so tea will be something simple and I'll be locking myself away all day in the bedroom/craftroom, except for when I take the dog out! (for a walk that is, not with an ak 47). I love the stuff t!m produces but to struggle to re enact it, so the book should be good for me, I have plenty of tapes to record with, people laugh that I have a vhs in my room but I like my vhs and vhs I shall darn well use, lol, in fact my aunt is giving me her machine in case mine dies, so that I shall never be without one lol.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


My gorgeous nephew Thomas and sexy pooch Simba!

The last time we had snow my poor dog lost his legs, I'm sooooooo looking forward to spring, I hate winter with avengence. I will not even contemplate driving in the snow and today I;m glad I didn't as there were 4 crashes on the road that I usually take. So I thought I would give my new YAKTRAX a go, wippeee I virtually ran thru the snow and icy bits well worth the tenner I paid. I got a taxi home and then with my boy we set off to town, we went in the car cos the snow had melted, we met my lovely sis in law and gorgeous nephew and went bowling, can you believe a 6 year old beat me, Pah, I lost me mojo!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Here are the piccies I've been meaning to put on here for weeks!

These cards were on display
on the Little Claire stall, I just had to buy
the hedgehog stamp.
The one below were a stall
called something 'butterflies'
all in all some gorgeous cards,
the thing I struggle with is co-ordinating colour
really gonna have to learn!

All these are things I've made


class with Debbie Moore

Monday, 1 February 2010

Hi Folks

Ha ha I say folks, but I seem only to have one follower, lol, anyways I went to SCC on saturday, I'll post piccies and stuff later as I'm off to watch corrie, laters!

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo