Sunday, 14 August 2011


Yesterday I got a phonecall from mum to say she was poorly, so I went over to find her writhing in agony and being sick, after a bit of a palava with the nhs direct I rang 999 and 2 lovely paramedics came, first A and E then surgcal triage till 2 am, I came home the but mum was then moved to another ward. She still looked quite poorly today and was in more pain, she's having a scan tomorow so hopefully that will paint a true picture, will hopefully write on here tomorow with some good news. bye for now

Monday, 8 August 2011


Hi sheena if you read this, at least I managed to mention you, if not link lol, anyway Sheena is launching a new set of xmas fusion stamps on Create and Craft on friday, but if your go to her blog there's a chance of winning all 6 new sets AND a new xmas inspired DVD, so what are ya waiting for! Go on ya got be in it to win it!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

How gorgeous are these


Had a lovely day today at the craftrange Burnley, never been before, bit tricky to get there as I went by train. I was so excited to meet Clare Rowlands as I love her Molly Blooms stamps and her lovely designs, clare very kindly demoed a pull up box card for me, which I can't wait to try tomorow. The lovely Rosemary Merry was there with Nige and she was demoing the vagabond, Clare had a gorgeous advent calender which she had made and I am sooooo going to make one for christmas, I also bought a big wooden peg to decorate, amongst other stuff, well it would be rude not too lol. They had plenty of choice of products and I could have spent much more. There were also a couple of other ladies doing demo's which were very nice, below are a few pics I took.

This is the lovely Clare Rowland Rosemary Merry

Some of Rosemary's samples

Some of Clare's samples

Monday, 23 May 2011


I don't really have a style as such, I try and make things I enjoy making, but then I'll get asked to make a certain thing for someone at work, so I really have all kinds of stuff. I think I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from not having been to a craft fayre since March, really hoping to go to summer crafting, and definatley Manchester in sept, would also love to go to harrogate in sept but doubt it. Well I'll let you know how I go on with my challenge

Well hello there, thought I'd blog, lol, so sorry this is something that gets overlooked, I take pics to post then I forget and blah blah, oh well now and again will have to do. I've joined another forum call UK STAMPERS with the hope it will improve my stamping and inking, I made this tag today using a trio of colours, I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

topsy turvy

oops the pics are at the wrong end, I really do need to blog more then maybe I'll get the hang of it, lol
Well I went off to the SCC in Manchester last friday, never been on friday before but it was a much more chilled atmosphere and by 2pm it was quiet enought to have a good look round, I only did one class and that was to make a purse with simply made, it was a good deal as to buy the ready made purse would have cost £22 the class was only a fiver! I spent way more than I intended but chose carefully and got some bargains from everycratsapound, including a set of My Minds Eyes stamps for £1 the exact same set is £7.99 in the range, I also bought the Tonic punching system, which I love, th rest was bits and bobs and a stack of card from payperbox.
Next craft event on my agenda is GNPE in Harrogate in march which is 3 day before my birthday so my friend is taking me to Betty's tearooms.
bye for now x

Kung hey fat choi!

Well it's the year of the rabbit, can't remember what my chinese sign is I think it's probably dragon lol, Gosh it's an age since I blogged, I keep meaning to but then I get sidetracked, but I'm gonna try, yeah you've heard that one before. Thing is my time is allover the place, I have a job, I see to my mum, I have a family and a dog, so that's a lot of my time taken.

My Baby dog has been diagnosed with heart problems so that's been a massive worry, but the meds seem to have helped a lot thanks goodness and he's got a check up on tues.

Now for my latest craft makes, I have a thing about flowers at the moment and made these today

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo