Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Off to Leigh

ooh I'm a bit excited, My new friend Julie is taking me to Leigh on sunday for the sincerely yours craft event, I've never been before and there are some of my faves demoing, Like Linsay Mason, Indigo Blue, Little claire, I hope I remember to get the things I go for and not stuff I don't really need lol. Will report back when I've been. The piccies above are a few things I've recntly made.
Oh did I mention I now have a craft room, yep a whole room to myself, well a box room, but it's still my room, lol, Eldest son has moved to Manchester, so I helped him pack, EVERYTHING!
bye for now x

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Sharon Ngoo said...

Hi Angie!! :) Its great to meet you! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I had fun looking through your lovely projects and photos! :)

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo

jack and Lemur at Dalton zoo